Heart Real Leather 3D Customizable Key Holder

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The Heart Leather 3D Customizable Keychain is an elegant and romantic fashion accessory.

We know how much the heart is a symbol full of meaning and for this reason we decided to pay homage to it with an accessory with a careful design in every detail.

Taking the heart in your hand, which is already not in a smooth but dotted surface you will notice that every detail is not left to chance, with an arrow that pierces it, symbol of passion.

Our 3D keyring Customizable leather Heart 100% Made in Italy.

The heart leather keychain has been conceived, designed, designed and produced in our factories in Bologna, like all the accessories in our collections.

Completely in brass, the keychain is made by drawing on the knowledge of the master goldsmiths.

Your customization: your uniqueness.

Unleash your imagination by customizing your 3D keychain by adding letters, numbers, emoticons, symbols and charms to make your customization experience unique.

Let your imagination run wild.