3D Key Holder Customizable Real Leather Skull

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The 3D Customizable Keychain in Skull in Real Leather is a fashion accessory with an elegant and particular design.

3D Keyring Customizable Leather skull: between mind and heart

The customizable 3D Keychain in Skull leather is studied in every small detail; its dot-shaped surface is the confirmation.

Passion Made in Italy since 1979

The ideas, projects, drawings and productions are concentrated in our factory in Bologna.

Our firm point is the Made in Italy. Since we were born we are committed every day to this mission.

The keychain has been made through a technique that is called lost wax or goldsmith method, just because such accessories are made like jewelry.

Personalization and uniqueness

An accessory as simple as a keychain can become unique if customized.

Compose your skull keychain by adding letters, numbers, emoticons and symbols.

Experience our personalizer and make your keychain unique.

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